Here we go again

A gorgeous Canberra start

Before we start what are you grateful for? My photo today is from yesterday from Mt Ainslie in between appointments. No COVID now for sometime in the ACT so life a little normal, and apart from hayfever through the capital we are going ok.

But back to business, it is that time again. Round 11, I am starting to feel like a UFC fighter. That is about to fall over! But so far the treatment as a whole has been doing it’s job, so I can’t complain. I have been trying to stay positive about chemotherapy this month, which sometimes is tough. I do hope though that this month will go just fine.

One thing that has got up my back wheels is that I have had to have a bit of a lower profile doing a few things I would normally be jumping into. The main one has been the ACT election campaign and working with my mate James campaign team working towards getting him re-elected. I have helped out where I can. And even Christine Zac and dad have come out to help me get a few maps done for letter boxing. Christine is doing my job on election day in handing out the how to votes. I will aim for a good day, but can’t commit this year just in case.

I have been doing a bit of reading of a few blogs of other folks recently, not something I do much at all, and have been in contact with a mate who has also recently started on the same trip. I can easily say I am lucky. I am mostly through this round of treatment, and apart from the monthly chemo knocking me round I am almost there. Rehab has gone well, and I can again run 5km. I am going to gym again, and while my head is not the same as it was, like losing words regularly, and being frustrated with that, I am going pretty good.

There are some folks who do this stuff really hard. I have the utmost admiration for people like thebraincancerbabe this link is her page, and an excellent summary of her trip is available here: Ruthie – the Big Ordeal. Her story is an amazing read. The adversity she has faced, and mostly before 40, blows me away. I found in reading her story the first few paragraphs and being diagnosed the seizures and feeling her body go strange while written far more eloquently than I could ever put together exactly the same as I was feeling too. When I read her story, it gives me strength, and helps me to remain positive because my hell is not even close to hers.

I have also been tuning into an outstanding Youtube channel, Anthony Chene Productions. This guys stuff has been my recent binge watch. I cannot do most crap on TV, nor Netflix etc. This channel interviews alot of folks who have had near death experiences and he also talks to mediums about their skills. It has been very interesting and also comforting to understand a few of the bigger questions of life. Remarkably, many of the folks all say the same stuff about their experience in another place, and how they view the world back in their skins. Highly recommended viewing.

Next time soon, I will do another book review or two as I have had a couple of excellent ones to talk about.

On a small side note I hope to get back to work soon as I have a medical board end of October. We will see. But our F-35s in the USA, including those two jets that Christine the boys and I stood on the tarmac at Luke AFB, Arizona for their arrival 18 Dec 2014 will be coming home. I would like to see A35-001 and A35-002 flying around our skies one day. I didn’t get a pic, but while I was there my name was on the nose flipper door alongside our first Pilots, Jacko. That was close to the best thing that I ever had the opportunity to experience in my career (the best was the three years working at Luke as a Topdog in the 61st AMU). I remain so very thankful to Jacko for doing that for me.

But enough from me for today. Good luck to all sides in tomorrow’s ACT election. While I hope our side wins, I am a glass half full person, and I do believe that most people enter politics for the right reason, I just don’t always agree with their direction!

Stay awesome, be inspired by others stories, and hug the fam!


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